Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why I Love my Husband

Last night we went to the Downtown ArtWalk. We walked through the MOCA, lots of local artists' work, a copeira demonstration, and a drum circle! It was a lot of cultural fun.
As we finished walking through the top floor of the MOCA, we started discussing the exhibit. The latest set of photographs were all about animals. Some artists captured road kill, some captured people dressed up as animals, some created collections of families with their dogs dating as far back as the 1910s. Waiters walked around with trays collecting used glasses and bottles, as the bar downstairs was open and serving during the event. As we headed for the exit, I was reminded why I love my husband.

David: I think the way the exhibit was laid out was confusing to me.
Erin: Oh yeah? Why?
David: Well, I think I prefer to see organization or patterns among the art. The through line was obviously animals, but I didn't really see how any of it related beyond that.
Erin: Right, well, it's a contemporary rather than an historical look at things.
David: Yes, and the reason I enjoy historical museums...
(We pass by a discard tray with a nearly full Corona bottle, abandoned)
David: ...awww. That's sad.
David: The reason I like historical museums is because I am better able to see the overall message than in a contemporary museum, though I appreciate contemporary art a little more.
Erin: Right. I understand that.
David: That bottle was full.What a waste.


  1. I, on the other hand, like leaving part of my beer for Elijah.

  2. That's sort of the Jewish version of "Pour some out for your homies," I believe.