Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scamming a Scammer, Part 4

From me to John:
John! That picture is great! But I thought you were in England? There are palm trees in the background. Do they have palm trees in England? I've never seen such a tan Brit. Well done, there.
Good news, I found a friend with a scanner. It's my neighbor in the double-wide. I guess if you can afford a double-wide, you can afford a scanner. She said I could borrow it, but only if she could get in on our deal. I didn't tell her your name or anything, don't worry. But I really think she would be a good addition to the US crew. She's pretty honest (except for the time she borrowed my Easter dress and then never gave it back and then told everyone it was hers) and she knows a lot more about scanning and England than I do. What do you think? Should we let her in on the deal?

From John to me:
Okay,you are such a funny person and i will like to chat with you on yahoo messenger i want you to add me now and also mail me as soon as you add me and you are online,I want you to make sure you scan the details and send it to me soon because this is getting late and also for your freind i have one of my Freinds Company that needs a worker..Okay,you can tell her to mail them at they need someone that can work from Home..Okay so if she mail them they will tell her the details .and i amn waiting for you online and tell her to return your Esther Dress to you so that you can use it for the Up coming Esther.

From me to John:
You sure do make me laugh! I'd love to talk to you on yahoo messenger, but I have gmail. Not yahoo. I can't talk to you on the yahoo messenger!
My neighbor, Melanie, said she doesn't want to work with the new guy that's your friend. She won't let me use her scanner unless she can work with you. She said that you never know who these people can be and she only wants to work with someone she can trust (I assured her that she can trust you). She told me that the new guy could be a scammer and she is not going to have her identity stolen again. I don't know what else to do, John. It's like she's holding the scanner for ransom! I told her time is running out and that we are going to miss out on a really good deal here. Isn't there any other way?
Also, it was really making me think all day...Where was that picture of you taken?!

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