Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scamming a Scammer, Part 2

From John Doe:
I really like the way that you respond to my message,it really makes my laugh and give me a little happiness and what work are you doing before?well i want you to know that for you to pickup funds for us we need to make sure you are trutworthy and honest so due to this the company is requesting for your Social Security Number,you need to scan it to me so that we will know that you are trust worthy and honest and this for security reasons because we have lose alot of money on this kind of thing bcause when pple pick up funds for us then they will not send it to us again and will also not respond to our emails,and thats why the company is requiring for this details from you and below are the things required from you:

Your Name and Address:

Scan of your Driver License and SSN:

So i will be waiting for that now...

From Me:

Well, you know, I love to make people happy! In fact, that's what I was doing before. I was making people happy. I had this business called Happy People. I sold these little pink pills to my friends and everyone came back saying it made them happy so I started a company! It went out of business after I got sued by someone who was obviously not very happy. That's why I'm out of a job now.

Anyway, I'd love to scan you all that stuff to you but I don't have a scanner! Where do I get one? I actually don't even know how I would buy one right now because I don't have any money. That's why I'm looking for the job. I tried scanning once using the CD rom on my computer but now I can't fit anything else in there, so it's not going to work. Can you send me a scanner?

Also, what do you look like?! Send me a picture!! Do you have an office over there in London? Are you married?



    for advice and hints

  2. damn u told him u didn't have money!! Hmm wonder if he'll stay interested. Be carefull.. Some of these guys can be dangerous.

  3. thats hilarious! i actually used craigslist for the first time two months ago. i was super suspicious of it (and i actually still am) but it eventually helped me land a (legitimate) job!

  4. Wow Erin! Has he responded to your last email repsonse? This is quite humorous :)