Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scamming a Scammer, Part 5

From John:
Hmm...Okay but i want you to tell her to mail my freind first so that she can get details about the job he is offering and so that you can make use of her scanner and let her know that he is someone i trust and cant run a scam..Okay
(I love how he ends everything with "Okay")

From me to John:
Ok, it has been a crazy 3 days, John. CRAZY! My aunt was arrested last night for apparently getting into a fight with her neighbor! See, I went over to my aunt's because she said she had a scanner (which turned out to be a camera) and she told me the neighbor kept cutting down her Pepper Trees. So I go over to the neighbor's house and I ask them why they're cutting down her trees. She tells me my aunt is growing illegal Pepper Trees, which is nuts because she has permits for ALL of them. So she starts yelling at me and OF COURSE my aunt defended me. She threw one excellent jab. So it took me all weekend to get her out of jail because I don't have any money and I had to pull some strings. I have hardly had time to look for the scanner. Although, when all was said and done, my aunt's neighbor said she had a scanner I could use. I just don't know if I should trust her.
Oh, and by the way, my friend who took my Easter dress? SHE IS SUCH A LIAR. I am NOT sending her the information about your friend's email because she will TOTALLY use you for your money. I overheard her talking and she was saying how I was so dumb because I was going to give her an email address of a guy who she was going to sweet talk into sending her money! Well, I told her, "Listen, bitch. You don't know John like I know him. He would NEVER take advantage of you and I won't ever let you take advantage of him OR his huge company." Needless to say she hasn't given me the dress back, but that's ok, John. I don't even want it anymore.


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