Sunday, March 1, 2009


When we moved in together in California, Sundays were my favorite day. In our little one-bedroom apartment we rolled out of bed and laid on the couch to watch the morning news and drink coffee. One of us got up and made a breakfast that took too long to make on a weekday. The other made a list of things to do. Together we ate breakfast, planned our day, and got to work. Usually there was plenty of laundry and a good bit of cleaning. Sometimes one or both of us went to the grocery store to get the week's goodies. It was overall a relaxing, productive, and wonderful day.
When David and I moved into a bigger apartment beneath Jesse and Crystal, our Sundays became a little more friend-filled. We usually did something fun all together. It was a different kind of great - less productive but full of laughs and fun. And when football season came, look out. Those Sundays were some of my favorite memories.
Today, Sunday, it rained. We opened up all the windows early this morning and laid in bed listening to the rain. When we got up, we laid on the couch with Charlie and some coffee just listening and talking. David made oatmeal, I made a list. We started the laundry and got ready for the day.

Sundays are going to be different; but history seems to repeat itself. Maybe after some time here we'll begin spending time with the neighbors or friends for football and beers. But in the mean time, I'm enjoying the Sunday I'm in.

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  1. Maybe a week from Sunday we can do pancakes. :)