Monday, March 9, 2009


As I prepared dinner for my in-laws tonight, I turned Ellen on in the kitchen. Ellen and Oprah are two of the only daytime shows I'll watch because I can always count on the to be funny or interesting without paternity tests or chair-throwing. The guest on Ellen today was Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton.
Can anyone explain to me why Paris Hilton is still relevant? I got the feeling that Ellen treated some of the interview like a joke, but I still don't understand why anyone even gives this girl the time of day. In a short video clip, they showed Paris' house with a giant picture of herself on nearly every wall. Paris with puppies, Paris naked in a truck, Paris stretched out in a cat outfit. Paris called the video clip "cute" and went on to describe her new boyfriend, who was "cute", and how he got her a tea cup puppy for her birthday and how "cute" it was. She also explained how her dogs live in a mini-dog mansion complete with a chandelier. And the mansion, you guessed it, was "cute." With a 17 word vocabulary and the personality of a middle school girl, I just cant figure out why people encourage her fame.

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