Sunday, March 15, 2009

Empty Handed

Dave and I drove 4 hours to Bradenton, Florida today to meet and hopefully bring home Misstree, a 4-year-old Boxer. When we got there and introduced the two of them, they appeared to show little if no interest in each other. Not the best case scenario, but certainly not the worst. After about 20 minutes inside, Misstree started getting snarly and physical with Charlie. She was not too happy about his presence in her house and made it known. We worked with her a little bit, but it quickly became obvious that a lot of rehabilitation would be necessary if the two of them were to live together. Being that we're going to Europe in 2 weeks, we decided it was better that we leave without Misstree since we would spend 2 weeks helping her assimilate into our home and then 2 weeks away (leaving her with friends who have dogs of their own). It was bad timing and perhaps not the right match. We're going to wait and see how things pan out after Europe. If Misstree is still available, then hopefully we can go scoop her up. If not, hopefully there's another Boxer waiting for us...


  1. aw sorry to hear that but Im sure youre making the best choice.

  2. You may want to try meeting the next dog in neutral territory, at a dog park or even outside of the house. Misstree's reaction may have just been territorial.

  3. We met Misstree in a neutral place first for about hour and then went back to her house.