Saturday, March 7, 2009

Redneck Neighbors

David and I went out for a quick dinner last night. On our way into the driveway, we noticed the Redneck Neighbors were having a party on their front lawn. We rushed inside to avoid an invite.

I woke up this morning and peered out the window into their yard. I see:
  • An old oil barrel cut in half (clearly for the bonfire)
  • Two lawn chairs
  • Three broken lawn chairs
  • A child's plastic bike
  • 40 or 50 beers
  • A wire dog crate
  • A tire
  • A pile of towels
  • A strange figuration of CDs on the ground
  • A frying pan full of cigarette butts
Needless to say, I'm sorry we missed the party.


  1. Wow. Welcome home. Can't Wait to visit!

  2. Ok first, that's nawt a wire dawg crayt, thayat is a baybay crayt. Thayat tar is also known as a chayare. Those tawells were used ta prowp up the other chayares.

    The fraaan pan full uh butts is somethin new we're tryan instayad of tossin' the butts over the hayaj into yuuuur yard.

    Naxt taayam dont wait for an invite just come on ovur!! WOOHOOOOOOO

  3. Ha! Totally made me laugh out loud.

  4. and you didnt go over in your p.j.'s and take the dog crate off their hands??? that would of been first thing on my list for sure! lol