Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scamming a Scammer, Part 7

From John:
Ohh Eliza i really feel for you but i want you to know that if you can get the loan and start work then you will really make lots of money..Okay you can get all the materials at staples or office depot and the versa software is the software that you will install to your computer and it will take you through the process of putting the information that will be on the check...and the paper check is the blank check that you willput into the printer and it willprint out the checks as you put the information on the versa software..I am waiting for your mail and why haven't you send the information that i requested fromyou..The scan identities.

From Me:
I feel like the compassion and kindness are gone. Your emails have become curt and pushy. I just feel like you're bossing me around. In the beginning I really felt like I had a future working with you; maybe even more. Now I'm beginning to think you were just sweet-talking me because you've got some sort of American quota to meet with your company. I want to trust you but it's really hard when you talk to me this way. What happened to us, John?

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