Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scamming a Scammer, Part 10

From me to John:


You have a BOARD? This is a much bigger operation than I thought. I am just continuously surprised and honored. And on top of having a Board, you guys bought me a laptop. Unbelievable. You are the most caring group of...whatever you guys are...that I have ever worked for.  Although, I do have to tell you one this, and please take it constructively: you guys are a little bit forgetful. If I had $450, don't you think I would have scanned my identities, bought the versa software and blank checks, and jumped on a plane out to London to have tea?! I don't have any money, John. This is why I need you. To make money! If you can just give me your address, I'll send you my indentities. Besides, this guy in the trailer park has recently made the big mistake of telling me he was getting a computer from his brother and I'm going to sleep with him so I can start using it.

Also John, I was thinking last night while bathing my kids about your picture in the tropical unknown place. I need to get to know you a little bit better if we are going to be working together. I mean, I've stuck with your company this long and I hardly know anything about you! So, I'd like to ask you 3 fun questions. This is just to help you and I feel more comfortable working with eachother.

1. Do you watch Chuck?

2. If you could sew anything, what would you sew?

3. Will you be attending Michael Jackson's first concert back in London?

Please answer them in your next email.



 From John to Me:

Okay I want you to know that you need to provide some funds before the laptop can be released to you Ok and the least that can be accepted from you is $350 so i want you to try and get this funds before Monday so that the company will not employ another person to this Position..Okay and also below is the answer to your question:

1 I dont watch Chuck

2 If i wants to sew anything its better i sew behaviour plus character to pple around me to make a good report about me when am not around.

3 I am very busy to go the Michael Jackson Concert

Okay i will be waiting to read from you.

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  1. love it love it love it. Especially about how he keeps avoiding the picture comments