Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scamming a Scammer - I Finally Ticked him Off

Oh boy. After months of mindless banter and totally unrelated questioning, I've finally pissed him off. I was as surprised as you all are by his reactions! When we last left off, I asked John if he'd received the money I sent to "Aaron."

From John to Eliza
Hey.what do you mean by that?there is nothing delivered here and you did not provide the Tracking number..How did you send it?and also did you send the money to Aaron through Western Union?If so what are the transfer details?

Senders Name and Address?
Exact Amount sent?

So let me have this details..Okay

From Eliza to John
Western Union?!?! You told me in your last email to send everything, including $350 cash, directly to the address you provided to me. Do you mean to tell me that I was supposed to send my identities through the Western Union?! Do you think Aaron will save my identities and send them back to me? I really need my ID back so I can drink in the surrounding towns (I'm already banned from drinking in the town I live in).
When do I get the laptop?!

From John to Eliza
Hey Eliza do not disturb me...I hate this shit.

(Whaaaaaat?! Don't worry, I'll bring him back around.)

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