Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flying and Biting and I Hate You

I went my sister-in-law's house today to play in the pool. We brought the dogs so that they could run and play in their giant yard. Little did I know, the recent rains left behind wading pools of standing water in the corners of the property. If you've ever been to Florida, you know what standing water means...Say it with me now...

That's right, thousands of them. And before I knew it, Charlie's back leg looked like cottage cheese. The poor guy just kept flipping his head from left to right, as if to say to me, "There's one. Another one. There's one." I kept smacking them off, which likely made him question my love for him. ("Why is she hitting me!?") Bella just gave me sad eyes and tall ears the entire time. "Is she going to hit me too?!" We took them inside after only about 20 minutes on the porch.
If there were ever a living creature to be displaced from Earth and sent to live in a fiery ball of hell somewhere far away in outer space, I vote mosquitoes top the list.

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