Friday, May 15, 2009

Scamming a Scammer, Part 12

We last left Eliza asking John to send her an address where she can send her "indentities."

From John to Eliza:
Okay below is the company info to send the funds to:

NAME.........................Aaron Porter
ADDRESS ...................304 ROUTE 25a
CITY.......... ................Dayton
STATE....................... Ohio
ZIP CODE. .................45406

Will be waiting for the transferdetails

From Eliza to John:

I have some questions.
1. Who is Aaron?
2. I thought you were in England? Dayton, Ohio is really nice, but it's not as nice as England.
3. Can I just come visit you at this address? I'd like to talk face-to-face.
4. Can you send a Mac laptop? They are so much cuter.


From John to Eliza
YES Aaron is just our agent ...Ok we dont have a branch in Ohio..Aaron is just our Agent in the state and the Laptop we have in the Company is Brand New HP Laptop...Ok so i want you to try and make sure you send the money tomorrow which is Monday...Okay

From Eliza to John:
Did you get it? I sent everything almost 2 weeks ago! I sent my identities and I sent $350 cash, mostly in 1s and 5s because the lady at the bank branch didn't have any legitimate 20s left. Where's the laptop?! I expected to have it by now!
I went ahead and set up an office near my house. It's actually in the 76 station bathroom, but there was already a table in there and you can lock it from the inside. It's damned near perfect!! I don't even have to leave work to go to the bathroom!! I went ahead and moved all of my office supplies in but I felt like it was a little impersonal so I'm adding some pictures. I've got one of Jesus, one of my Uncle Clemin (my mentor and dealer), and one of myself (there's no mirror in the bathroom). I would really like to put up a picture of you and Aaron as a constant reminder of the people who got me to the place I am today. Would you please send me a picture of you at work; kind of like my boss is there at my office keeping me in line, you know?! Send it soon because the library printer doesn't always have ink. Thanks!
Let me know when the laptop will be here!

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  1. Erin!! This is hilarious! I love that you have kept him going for so long. Nice work, girl!