Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scamming a Scammer, Part 9

From John:
Okay Eliza its Good to hear about that so i will like to know the kind of the work you want to do for us is it the printing of checks job or th other so let me know while i await your scanned identity tomorrow.

Also Eliza do you have your own connection at home or you do go to a cyber cafe?Kindly let me know.Because you will need to have a yahoo messenger and you must always be online everytime...Okay so i want you to let me know.

From me, 3 weeks later...

I know you have probably been very concerned about me. Let me tell you why it's been so long. On April 1st, I got your email and took all of my identity to the library. I scanned it, just like you said, and even illegally downloaded yahoo messenger onto their computer. I mean, kids download porn and stuff all the time. It's not like the messenger will do any harm. At least that's what I thought. Little did I know, some brainiac psycho guy decided to play an April fool's joke on everyone. I know you don't know what that is since your Londish. It's basically a day when you try to mess with people and pinch them and stuff. Not like Valentine's. Anyway, someone put a program on the computers at the library that immediately kicks you off if you try downloading anything and THEN the program cancels your account as a big April Fool's PRANK. Well, I wasn't having it. I told the librarian, but apparently she was in on it too. As if this wasn't bad enough, they're still playing along with the joke and it's APRIL 20!!
So now I have no Internet access and I can't even send you the identities that I scanned. We don't have a cyber cafe. I asked Marv (he's the town computer technician/cheese maker). Can I just send you my identity in the mail? I have stamps and envelopes. It's been so long and I'm just ready to start work. Do you have an address I could send everything to?


From John
Okay so how do you want to work for us since you dont have a internet connection well i have discussed this with the Board and we have bought a new Dell Laptop for you and we have arraged for your interenet connection but we are in doubt if this is a good idea and if we are not gonna loose so the company is asking you to pay $450 and you will receive the Laptop and also some other documents that you will need and also get back to us with your full name and address where to send the Laptop to and as soon as we receive the money via western union we will send the laptop to you so let me know if you will send the money so that i can give you the agent information to send the money to.
Thanks and am waiting for your quick response to this effect.
(You hear that? He bought me a laptop for me to buy...)

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  1. uhh.... no he didn't buy you a computer. He wants the money first... then he's going to send the "computer"

    yeah right