Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Conversation in the South

Two girls working in an Applebee's. We'll call them Myrleen and Shelby. While reading, please impose the thickest southern accent you can for full effect.

Myrleen: Did ya'll see me outside there on the sidewalk?
Shelby: No. Why? What were you doin'?
Myrleen: I was throwin' salt there on the sidewalk.
Shelby: You fell on the sidewalk?
Myrleen: What?
Shelby: Did you say you fell on the sidewalk?
Myrleen: No, I said I threw salt on the sidewalk. With my bare hands.
Shelby: Oh. Oh I thought you said you fell on the sidewalk!
Myrleen: You fell on the sidewalk??
Shelby: No, I thought you said you fell on the sidewalk.
Myrleen: Oh, no, I didn't fall on the sidewalk.
Shelby: Oh, good.


  1. Someday soon that could be you.

  2. I worked at an Applebee's for about 2 months in college. We called it Apple Hell.