Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beyonce will follow you to Disney World

Dave and I met our friends Jimmy and Kelly at Disney World. We had an UNBELIEVABLE dinner at Victoria and Albert's with plenty of libations. There must have been 7 courses to the meal and the serving staff gave Kelly a cashmere shawl because she looked "chilly" and gave me a purse stool so my purse wouldn't fall off my chair while I ate. We really couldn't have asked for a better time with better friends. And then, Beyonce had to ruin everything.

It seems like it's been long enough that this song should have been taken off the radio. I can't imagine people are still interested in hearing it (if they ever were). But sure enough, not only did she infiltrate our ears and minds with her infectious disease of a song in the happiest place on Earth, she sickened our dear friends as well. Pray for them.


  1. i also hate with a passion this song, and most all of her other songs, along with anything by britney spears... so this is my plan, and maybe we can get it to work. You know how Chris Brown supposedly beat the shit out of Rhianna, well some of the Jacksonville radio stations now refuse to play his songs... SOOOO... if Beyonce could only beat the shit out of Jay-Z... then we wouldnt ever have to hear from her again! Or.. if "rumor had it" that Beyonce was a husband beater... I would feel the need to call the radio stations and let them know its only fair to treat her with the same curtosy that Chris Brown is getting!

  2. That is possibly one of the most brilliant plans, evil or otherwise, I've ever heard.