Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shabbat 101

We caught the class about Shabbat at the Temple on Thursday. The Rabbi gave us of a list of Do’s and Don’ts on Shabbat.

Possible Things to do on Shabbat:
Light candles
Kiddush over wine
Bless children
Family dinner
Attend Services
Make love with spouse

We sat at a table with three other couples, all in their 50s and 60s. The Rabbi asked if any of us had observed Shabbat, and if so, what did we do? Marla and Tom at our table (I changed their names) started laughing and in a very stereotypical Jewish accent, Ellen whispered to Marla, “Whaaat? Why aww yoo laaaughingk?” Marla pointed to the list. Ellen looked and her and said, “Yeeah? What?” Marla whispered in her ear and Ellen’s eyes grew to the size of silver dollars. Ellen shook her finger at Marla.
Marla looked at her and said, “Whaat? It was ooon the list!”
Ellen said, “Marla, yeeea not gonna tell him thaaat.”
Tom said, “Whaaat? It’s on the list!”
Marla announced, “Rabbi, I have something personal to tell you!”
Ellen shouted, “NO no! No you can’t tell him that, you wouldn’t!” Marla and Tom started cracking up.

This was the possibly the cutest thing I’ve witnessed in a very long time.

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