Sunday, August 9, 2009


Last week I found out from my doc that I'm insulin-resistant. After 28 years, no one seemed to notice that my body doesn't process sugar. For years, I've struggled with acne, fat accumulation ONLY around my mid-section, headaches, stomach aches, crazy hormonal shifts, and even hair loss. It's crazy to think with all these symptoms, a diagnosis could have slid under the radar for so long.
I have to change my diet completely. For those who know me well, you know I eat tons of veggies, fruits, brown rices and pasta, tofu, chicken, and dark chocolate. I'm also a big fan of red wine! Turns out, I pretty much have to eat meat all day long if I want to keep my body in check. No more sugar, no more fruit or sugary veggies like carrots and peas, no more pasta or rice, and NO MORE WINE!
The doc also put me on a medication that will help my body use sugar properly. I don't have to stay on it forever if I can keep my diet under control. It will also help if I cheat and drink a glass of wine or go crazy on some potatoes. This medicine has made me extremely sick for about 4 days. Today is the first day I don't feel like I'm going to puke everytime I turn my head.
I've eaten more beef, turkey, chicken, and lunch meats in the past 4 days than I have in years. While fat and meat sound like heaven to most people, all I want is a potato chip and a piece of bread. But it's amazing the difference I already see. Despite the nausea, I've got energy. My skin is clearing up and smoothing out. My stomach isn't bloated and I haven't had a single stomach ache or headache. In 4 days, I started feeling what everyone else has been feeling this entire time!
When the doctor looked at me and said, "You're insulin-resistant and would have been on injections by the time you were 40 if we hadn't caught it," I think I just screamed, "WHAT?!" I'm sure people in the waiting room heard me. It blew my mind that I could be on the road to diabetes. But it encouraged me that it's so important to never give up when you think something is wrong. Ask your doctors and keep asking until someone takes action.

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  1. This is exactly what I had! I've been able to control it through weight loss. I know the medicine you're talking about and it sucks. But it will pass once your body adjusts. The Zone cookbooks are excellent for this. And there's a book called the Insulin Resistance Diet that I think would be helpful for you.