Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jewish Newish

A conversation from the Jewish Newish Meet and Greet.

Mort: I noticed you two are newcomers, welcome to Jacksonville.
Erin and Dave: Oh, thanks so much!
Mort: Do you have a temple yet?
Erin: Oh, no not yet...
Dave: We're not sure we...
Mort: Well, I know you're going to make the rounds. It's only natural. And I'm not one to push.
Dave: Sure.
Mort: So when you do make the rounds, consider my temple BethShalom.
Erin: Great, thank for the invitation.
Mort: I have some literature about it to share with you.
Mimi: Hi, you met Mort.
David: We did.
Mimi: Did he tell you about our temple?
Erin: He did.
Mimi: We're not the pushy type.
David: Mort mentioned that.
Mimi: You want to find a temple that makes you feel comfortable.
Mort: Like you're at home.
Mimi: With family, yeah.
Erin: Sure, sure.
Mimi: We have literature.
Mort: So when you do make the rounds....
Mimi: ...are you conservative?
Erin: I'm not...
Mort: ...just be sure to come by BethShalom. We really keep membership low for young people.
David: That's nice. Thank so mu...
Mimi: Just take it for what it is. No pushing. Just come.
Mort: Yeah, just come.
Erin: Great, thanks so much.
David: We really appreciate it.
Mort: Are you conservative?
David: Um, we're...
Mimi: It's fine. You'll love it. Come.

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