Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My husband gave me a birthday card and in it, he listed the things that I did in my 27th year of life.
  • finished a Masters
  • moved across the country
  • bought a house
  • started a counseling service
  • went to Europe
  • planted a garden
  • got a puppy
  • made new friends
  • started working for a new company
  • got diagnosed with insulin-resistance
  • celebrated my 2nd year of marriage
When I read that list I thought, geez! Everyone should sit back on their birthday and take account of what they did in the past year of life! We are busy people!
We tend to look at things within calendar years. "I did that in 2009." But when you think of all that you do in a year of your own life, it's such an impact. Try it on your birthday! I'll bet you'd be surprised at how much you accomplished, too!

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