Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Stuft

End of the 11th week, and I was pretty darned excited about eating again.
I went grocery shopping to prepare for the week. Normally, it is a rule in our house that if you can’t buy a food anywhere along the outside perimeter of the grocery store, it doesn’t come home because it’s probably not food. The rare exceptions being nuts, popcorn, canned tomatoes, and oatmeal. I pranced around the outside of the store, grabbing fruit and veggies (still no leafy greens, bleah), fresh meats and cheeses, and even eggs. When it was time to go down the canned food aisle to grab tomatoes, there was ne’r a twinge of nerves in my body. Until of course I passed the Chef Boyardee ravioli. I did a double take. What what? Ravioli in a can? I haven’t had that since I was a kid and my mom set a timer for me to finish the ravioli so the entire world wasn’t waiting on me for lunchtime to end. What was I doing passing by these cans for years and years?! It’s ravioli! In a can! Well, we must buy this. I grabbed one can, until I saw it was 4 for $8. Then I grabbed 3 more. I mean, this is lunch for 4 days!
So I wandered along and grabbed my canned tomatoes, at which time I noticed the pickles. Not just any pickles. Pickled sliced the long way. Now, I’m no pickle fan, but pickles sliced the long way looked delicious. We had some pickles sliced into rounds in our refrigerator at home, but these were much better. Pickles slicked the long way...Check.
Hello? Oreos?! I forgot about these! Oreos are the best! And what…what is THIS?! DOUBLE STUFT?? That’s not even spelled right which makes it sounds even more DELICIOUS! I’ll take a package of those, please!
Ramen noodles! Look how inexpensive these are! I could buy 6 for $3! Well, 6 it is! Look at all the flavors! It’s a perverbial rainbow of noodle choices! Where have these been all my life? Ketchup! I forgot about Ketchup! It is good on EVERYTHING! I can put this on chips! And bread! And bacon! Ooo! Bacon!
By the end of my shopping trip, I’d spent about a third the amount that I normally spend on groceries and ended up with a lot that looked like my college dorm pantry. David shook his head instead of scolding me for bringing home not-food. This was a good choice on his part because over the next few weeks, nothing would keep me and Chef Boyardee apart. Nothing.

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