Friday, January 30, 2009


I unpacked glasses in my new kitchen today singing, "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" by Boyz II Men in my head. This move is bittersweet like an early 90's love song: pretty bad at the time, but 10 years later is totally awesome.
One thing I've noticed about this house is that it has an inordinate amount of light switches. It seems for every series of bulbs, there are four switches for different lighting combinations. I went to bed last night listening to David click his way through the house until he finally made it to the bedroom about 5 minutes later. If anyone were out on the street, they'd think we were sending distress signals.
People in Florida are so nice. I had forgotten. David made fast friends with the alarm security guy this morning. He stayed for almost an hour after he finished the install. He's coming over tomorrow morning. David has a play-date.
The paint in the bedroom looks great, at least.


  1. Remember, you don't want David to get too restless. He might start chewing the furniture. Keep the play dates coming!

  2. i love that dave has a play date with the alarm guy. if it goes well, he can be your in case of emergency person. he already has your alarm code.