Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leaving Los Angeles - Days 4 and 5

Several of the kids who attended my children's theatre in Iowa met me at a local coffee house. They're teenagers now, and can't finish a sentence without, "like" or "whatever." I attempted correcting them a few times, but what an amateur move that was. Futile.
We went out to dinner at Salami's (the nicest place in town) where the finest wines were known by color only, and the battered mushrooms were frozen in the middle. We went on to the Cellar, the place I spent many a night when I lived in Oskaloosa. The same 5 people I used to spend my evenings with were still sitting on the same stools drinking the same beers. They didn't remember me, or each other for that matter, and one of them told me I looked like a liar. I asked for a dirty vodka martini at the bar, where I was served what appeared to be 6 ounces of Grey Goose vodka mixed with olives and pickle juice for $4. I drank way too much and had asinine conversations with strangers who had no idea they were telling me the exact stame story they'd just told. In fact, a few times I finished the story for them and watched in delight as their eyes widened and they mouthed, "How did you know that?" It was special to be back in Osky.
We've moved on to Chicago to Corey and Dawn's place. And what a place it is. Their new house in unreal. Beautiful and big and covered in snow. Charlie is loving the backyard and Dawn cooked a dinner to rival everything we've eaten thus far on the trip. Charlie has two new friends, Max and Daisy, who he is having the most fun with. It's adorable to watch. :)

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