Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leaving Los Angeles - Day 8

We drove through what has been deemed an "Ice Storm" today. What is an Ice Storm? Does the sky turn into a huge ice maker and rain down half-moon shaped chunks of ice, or even crushed ice for that matter? Or is the ice, in fact, bagged ice falling at hundreds of miles per hour like wrecking balls from heaven?
Instead of minding our parents (and everyone else we spoke with), we decided to drive south directly into the "Ice Storm" to find out just what it was. Also, the moving guys had to leave by Thursday afternoon to drop off their next move, so there was that motivation.
As it turns out, an Ice Storm is nothing more than nasty weather. It rained. It snowed. It sleeted. Our windshield wipers froze. The side view mirrors sprouted icicles. The tires grew beards in the wheel wells made of mud, pebbles, snow, and ice. Dave had to concentrate pretty dang hard to see the road, but we weren't sliding around on big sheets of ice or driving through icebergs at every exit. It wasn't so bad. So don't let those weather guys fool you. Ice Storms are not that big of a deal and if you have to drive through one, go for it.

*Addendum: Apparently 23 people died in Kentucky on the day of the "Ice Storm." Disregard the previous paragraphs. Ice Storms are dangerous and you're an idiot if you drive through one.

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  1. Don't mess with the ice storms. We had no power for 12 days in December thanks to an ice storm. Large tree limbs fell everywhere! Glad you made it through safely.