Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leaving Los Angeles - Day 2

David and I were loopy the second we got into the car today. Charlie was SO bored he found approximately 28 different ways to looks out the windows: forwards, backwards, sideways, on a suitcase, (etc.) and even with his face out the window. We quickly learned that the extra skin on Boxers' faces is not conducive to 80 mph winds. We thought his face was going to peel off.

David learned our American Express had been suspended because of suspected fraud since we'd been using it in different states. We called and got the operating system lady, who I like to call Betty. She asks you questions and you respond. David has the Parrot in his car so we can hear the person talking through the speakers and respond through a small microphone. As Betty was giving us our options, we passed by a a HUGE cow farm. David quietly tapped my arm and said, "Babe! Look! Those cows are doing it!" Sure enough, two cows doing it. What he forgot was that Betty was still waiting for an answer. When he said it, we were both silent to see what Betty would say.
"I'm sorry. I did not understand that request."
David and I laughed so hard that we spit out our sunflower seeds while repeating, "Representative! Representative Betty!" Finally, Betty got frustrated and said, "I'm sorry. You seem to be having trouble. I'm going to connect you to a representative."
Until day 3...

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