Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting Ready for an Abe

Abe’s room is coming together nicely. My husband chose a lovely color of blue from a huge stack of paint samples I stole from Lowe’s. I know these are free, but when you take more than 10, it suddenly feels like stealing. I taped and he painted until I couldn’t stand the smell anymore. Then I emptied out an entire upstairs closet in another room for no reason other than WE DON’T NEED ANYTHING UNLESS I’VE USED IT IN THE PAST 5 MINUTES. Not sure if David ever used anything in that closet, but the urge was too strong to bother asking. And when he was finished painting? Streaky. It looked like the paint wasn’t mixed right. So he went back to Lowe’s, they gave him a free gallon of paint, and he painted the ENTIRE room again. Small speed bump on the road to Abe’s dwelling being perfect.

We put together his crib and glider (that’s a rocking chair, for you men who read this), and set up much of the baby stuff we’ve received so far. We still aren’t sure what we’re doing with the walls, except for this awesome hippo picture David’s parents gave us from their own wall (“Well, he has to have the hippo!”). And we still have to hit up Ikea for a dresser and some cute mirrors I can hang close to the floor so Abe can look at how handsome he is.

Last week, David got the “must buy a baby-friendly car” bug. This isn’t an actual bug because if it was, I may have squashed it without telling him and flushed it down the toilet. However, he did an amazing job of negotiating price and style and even agreed to trade in HIS car so that I could keep my Mini Cooper (which is baby-friendly, if you ask me). We bought a 2011 Honda Pilot, which is incredibly cool. It’s rugged (so I don’t feel like I’m in a mom minivan), extremely spacious, and way easier to get the car seat in and out of. (David practiced putting a “baby” in the back seat the other day.)

So at this point, if this kid moved in tomorrow, we could handle it. And as my aunt says, “Grandma brought your aunt home and put her in a drawer. You’ll be fine.”

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  1. The room is so cute! I love the color! Can't wait to meet Avraham (that's Hebrew for Abraham...) :) Maybe he will get a present from Israel...