Monday, July 19, 2010

Doula Shmoula

After my doctor properly frightened me out of all my birthing options, I spent a good deal of an afternoon lamenting. Lamenting is not NEARLY as fun when you can't eat chocolate or potato chips. So I cut it short and started doing some research. My studies were continually interrupted by women in my life calling or emailing to tell me that the road to vaginal birth was not necessarily completely blocked off for me. You see, there may actually be a woman who knows the way straight to Vaginal Birth Lane, a woman who has been living on that very street for quite a while.
This mythical creature's name is Doula. Doula Shmoula. She spends her days advocating for women who want to live on Vaginal Birth Lane and who find C-Section Avenue to be a little disconcerting and out of the way, even though it's easier to find. Doula has maps, lists, and a GPS system that she doesn't force women to learn to use, but rather uses herself to guide them while explaining information about the different tools she uses. She also explains to Vaginal Birth Lane police and other nasty nay-sayer neighbors that it's not actually their choice where I choose to try and live. And these tools all help her do that.
Now, I've never actually met Doula Shmoula, but I did email her once several months ago. Since I did not receive an answer from her, I assumed that mythical creatures did not use the internet. I was destined to navigate the confusing streets of BirthTown myself.
What's interesting is that the night I was lamenting, I asked the universe to send me the answer as to how Abe will best enter the world and that whatever that method may be, I would surrender to it. Low and behold, Doula Shmoula emailed me the next morning. Apparently, even mythical creatures have a spam box and sometimes, emails get stuck in there. So today, I am officially going to meet Ms. Shmoula herself. Maybe she'll have some special routes mapped out for me, and then again maybe she won't. I definitely can't afford to hire Doula Shmoula, though I've often found that things I can't afford but really need have a way of paying for themselves. So, I'm excited that at least Vaginal Birth Lane is back on the table of birthing destinations. Once I see her with my own eyes, I'll let you know if Doula Shmoula really exists.


  1. This is priceless!!! We are hiring a doula - she's also my prenatal yoga teacher! we plan on meeting with her after my next doctor's appointment and ultrasound! I hope that it works out for you to have a doula - in all of my research on natural birth, i wouldn't think of doing it without one! they also help with postpartum stuff...nursing and watching the baby so you can take a shower and things like that! Good luck with your meeting - i can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Erin, you CAN afford Doula Shmoula! I don't think it's that much and it is totally worth it!!! I didn't hire one because my mom was willing to read up and serve the same purpose (she's an RN), but lots of women in my "natural childbirth class" hired them and loved them! I totally think you should do it... and read The Birth Partner by Penny Simkins if you want some extra encouragement :). GOOOO girl!