Saturday, April 17, 2010

We're not Painting Yet

I went in for a few tests and an ultrasound to ensure there were no blaring abnormalities at 13 weeks. (You saw the video here.)  We were thrilled that all tests came back normal, but we were haunted by a short exchange with the ultrasound technician. 

Ultrasound Tech: Do you want to know if I see anything between the legs?

Erin: YES! Right? Don't we?

David: Yeah, sure, if they can tell us.

Ultrasound Tech: Ok, let me see. (She paused the picture.) See that? If I had to guess, I would say that's labia.

Erin: Really?

(David sat in the corner chuckling.)

Ultrasound Tech: Yep. Don't go painting rooms or anything, but usually when it looks like that, it's labia.

(David chuckles again.)

Erin: Oh my gosh. A girl?! 

Ultrasound Tech: That would be my guess! It's too early to verify, though. You'll know for sure in about 6 weeks.

Erin: Woooow!!!! That's what the gender predictor kit said, too! Well, it said girl first. 

(David chuckles.)

Ultrasound Tech: Oh, those are so fake. You didn't buy one of those, did you?

Erin: Yeah. I did. 

Ultrasound Tech: If you want to try it, the Chinese Gender Calendar is way more accurate. I have no idea why it works, but it does. Just Google it.

Erin: Ok! I will! Thanks for the advice!

(She left the room and I looked at David, who started laughing out loud.)

Erin: A girl!

David: Ha, I know.

Erin: Still laughing?

David: Yeah.

Erin: Labia?

David: Hahaha, yes. Yes. Everytime.

Erin: Real mature, babe.

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  1. Our intelligender test clearly said boy... We have a little girl... I only know one other person besides myself who tried one and it's you so now they are 0 for 2!