Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Reason Why my Husband is Cute

We went to a beautiful baby shower last weekend and we were one of, I believe, eight visibly pregnant couples there. It was nuts.

David: Do you want a cupcake?

Erin: Let's wait, I think there's a line.

David: Oh yeah, all the preggos are up there.

Erin: I can't believe there are so many pregnant women here! There must by eight of us!

David: Well, what do you expect?

Erin: What do you mean?

David: It's a baby shower.

(I waited for him to laugh, or acknowledge that this was a punch line to a joke.)

Erin: Seriously?

David: What?

Erin: You don't have to be pregnant to come to someone ELSE'S baby shower.

David: Oh. I didn't think of that.

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