Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tell Me When He Kicks

Dear friends (and husband) who want to feel the baby kick,

When I feel the baby kick, I don't mind letting you know. In fact, I'll gleefully shout it out! "He's kicking!" However, if you want to feel the baby kicking, there's no go-button. I can't make him kick, and I can't guarantee that he will kick in the same place. So you can put your hand on my stomach and wait, but there's a good chance you won't feel anything within the first 10 seconds (because that's when your attention span seems to expire when it comes to waiting for babies to kick). You will have to wait minutes, maybe even a full half an hour before you can give up knowing you gave it your best shot.
And by the way, if you tell me you can't keep "holding your arm like that" because it's "uncomfortable" while waiting for the baby to kick, may I remind you that it is ME that the baby is actually kicking? I don't want to hear how uncomfortable your arm is.


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