Saturday, February 20, 2010

Help me Out

I'm moving this blog over to Wordpress and I've been trying to decide whether I should change the name or not. My ideas are below. Let me know if you have opinions. I would love feedback!

First ultrasound coming at you on Monday!!

1. Dec-O-Blog (which isn't very accurate anymore, but might still be a cute "Well, it all started when..." story.)
2. State of our Union
3. How to Make a Family


  1. I really like State of our encompasses everything.

  2. I have some ideas:
    Kitchen Conceiving
    Cooking Up a Baby
    Sperm + Egg = Family

    I also like State of our Union. You could change up the banner title everynow again like on Dooce. For instance, now you could call it "State of Our Uterus"

  3. I really like "How to Make a Family," but there is already a blog and a website with that title. "State of our Uterus" is hilarious!

  4. I like State of our Union, though to get the domain it would have to be The State of our Union, which is fine. I couldn't use "Us" unless it had a different web address.