Thursday, February 18, 2010


At about 6 weeks, I started feeling a lot more tired and my normal love of food and cooking slowed down. I didn’t feel nauseous, but I did feel very angry with food and some of the smells it makes. If David cooked brocolli, I cursed him for hours. I could smell peanuts from the other room. However, if pineapple or peaches were within a 5 mile radius, I could smell it like a bloodhound, track it down, and eat all of it. Fruit tasted SO good. Better than it had ever tasted before. I don’t know what it was doing hiding among the produce because I thought it should be stored IN the grocery store shopping carts.

I also started experiencing mood swings. I didn’t often get angry, but I did experience most emotions fully. (That’s a nice way to say it, huh?) Like the day David and I decided we would begin repainting some of the walls in our house. We went to Home Depot, chose a color, and got me a handy-dandy little face mask so I couldn’t kill my baby with VOC’s. David did most of the painting while I did most of the taping. Once the entire front hallway was complete, we took a step back.
“I like it,” David said.
“Me too!” I said, and we went on about cleaning up supplies.
About an hour later, I walked into the kitchen to get a snack and David asked me if I wanted some pineapple. I responded, “I really love the paint color.”
“Me too, babe.”
I went on, “No, I mean I really love it. Like, I’m just so happy.”
Not finished, “It is just so pretty and exactly what we wanted it to be and we are so lucky.”
“Right. It’s great. Do you want…”
Interrupted, “I just, I want you to know how happy (the tears start flowing) I am that we chose this color.”
“Ok. Wait. Are you going to cry about the paint color?”
“Yeah. Yeah, I think I am. I just love it so much.”
I think David stared at me for a few minutes while I cried about loving the paint to make sure I wasn’t playing a trick on him or for Candid Camera to pop out of the living room. Finally, he gave me a hug and in a sort of “what the hell is going on?” tone, he said, “Ok. Well, really good babe. So glad you like it. I like it too.”
I wiped me tears away, puffed out a few last sniffles, and proceeded to eat an entire pineapple. 

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