Monday, January 25, 2010

Two-Week Notice

We did the whole routine again. Coming in, visiting the boys' side, visiting the girls' side, and hanging out with lots of little statues. If I get pregnant, it will be fun to say that was the order of operations.
I completely let go of any hopes, fears, wishes, etc. this time. I decided not to count days and close my calendar. I'm making plans to visit my mom and eat dinner with family. I (shh!) vowed to have a little wine. And David agreed. If we get pregnant this time, great. And if we don't then we will gear up and try again.
This post is short on purpose. No dwelling. I'm off to live life for 2 weeks and if anything funny happens in the in between time, I'll be sure to tell you.
Thanks, as always, for the support, prayers, and love.

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