Monday, January 11, 2010

Doing Shots Late at Night

I called Winnie at the office to see what she would think about shooting me in my butt at 10pm the next night at her house. She didn't call me back until 4pm that day. As if she has other patients?! She started out by giggling that she was usually in bed by 9pm. This was obviously her way of politely telling me that she didn't want to do the shot. But she hadn't said "no" yet, so I kept pushing, in a disgustingly sweet way, until she finally invited me over.
I called David immediately to tell him the good news: We're making a baby and I don't need you for ANYTHING because I called Winnie! Note: If you ever have to tell your spouse this bit of news, make sure that you tell them in a complete opposite way from the way I told mine. They don't tend to take it well when they learn they aren't needed for the process of making a child.
Before we left to drive over to Winnie's house, I panicked. I had nothing to bring! You can't bring cookies or sweets to a woman's house who is helping you get pregnant by eliminating sugar. All I had was chicken and beef in the fridge. Can you bring beef as a "thank you for shooting me in the butt"?
I settled on wine, which felt a little strange to pack in the same bag with the syringes and HCG liquid, but so be it. I had to bring SOMETHING!
I knocked on Winnie's door at 9:45pm. Her husband answered holding 2 wine glasses. I asked if they drank wine and he just looked at me and held the glasses higher. Not much of a talker.
Winnie came bubbling over to the door and talked to me about everything under the sun before giving me the tour of her backyard remodel. ("You can bring the kids over to swim in the new pool someday!") She was so sweet and put me at such ease. She told me that she had very good success with girls getting pregnant after she gave them the HCG shot. She told me she'd done them in all kinds of places: parking lots, cars, even once at Winn Dixie. Clearly these women weren't concerned about cops the way I would have been. "Honestly, officer, it's a fertility shot!" Either way, I was glad she was getting girls pregnant. I put that little fact in my backpocket and then promptly pulled my pants down. The shot was over 1, 2, 3 and I was back home by 10:15. We would go in the next morning for the first round of IUI and boy was I ready.

Before we left, Winnie shouted, "I hope this works, you guys. You two will be such great parents!"
I hope so too, Winnie. I hope so too.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing THE cheer ;). So exciting Erin... I told Talia Davis and both my sisters to send baby making vibes your way. Whooo hoooooo!

    Love you... Dena

  2. Erin,

    Deborah told me about your blog...what a writer you are!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hear rubbing a pregnant belly works...I'd try everything!! So glad you are doing this. One day, you'll have this wonderful memory to share with your child. (You guys will be awesome parents and I totally believe you'll make it happen!!)

    Lots of love,