Friday, January 29, 2010

Still Got It

Starbucks Guy: What can I get for you?

Me: Hi. I'll have a fruit juice and a bran muffin.

Starbucks Guy: Going anywhere special for the weekend?

Me: Me? No. Just passing through.

Starbucks Guy: Oh. Where's home?

Me: No, I mean, this is home. Just passing through Starbucks.

Starbucks Guy: Got it. Meeting your boyfriend here?

Me: No. No, I'm married.

Starbucks Guy: Oh, sorry, didn't see the ring. Everyone always tell me they're meeting their boyfriends here and I'm always like damn, so you're my first that's not meeting a boyfriend today.

Me: Wow!

Starbucks Guy: Yeah...and you're married. Have a good day.

Me: You too!

I'm not sure if that technically counts as getting hit on, but I'll take it.

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