Friday, July 10, 2009

Scamming a Scammer, Part FIN

So I have to, begrudgingly, end my relationship with John Doe.

Eliza wrote to John over a month ago and he has not written back. I can only assume he is finished with Eliza's ignorance and intolerance. I did, however, feel it necessary to share the final words Eliza wrote.

Dear John,

I'm not sure where to start. Over the course of this weekend, your activities have left me no choice but to file legal divorce procedures in order to protect myself and our children. While there are reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for me to initiate this proceeding, I do not wish to discuss those reasons at this time, in the hope that all issues will be resolved amicably between you and myself. As always, my first priority remains our children.

I'm not very fond of the idea, personally, but I know it's necessary. My goal is peace for the kids.

I don't hate you, never have and never will. I don't like your new diamond earrings and I'm not happy about the Ed Hardy t-shirts; no one is. But I can tell you that I will always cherish the times we shared as a team. I don't want to do this alone, but I'm not going to lay down a die. I'll always love you, but like a butterfly, I'll have to let you go once you get hungry.


You should know that this is a rough transcription of the final episode of Jon and Kate plus 8. I guess he hates that show.

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