Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just A Little Whine

My husband had to go out of town for business, so the night before he left I decided to cook a pot roast just to ensure he would miss me. I got all of the ingredients out and ready and realized I forgot wine. I don't cook much without wine, but certainly not a pot roast.
Our grocery store is right behind our house so I zipped on over and went straight for the vino. As I walked through the bottles, I caught a few stares. I realize it may be a little strange to see a pregnant woman in the wine aisle, but come on. Mind your business.
I chose a wine after a few minutes and carried it towards to checker. Each person I passed did the same thing: looked at me, looked at my belly, looked at the bottle, back at my belly, and back at me. I'm not wearing a scarlet letter here, people. It's a bottle of wine.
I got to the check out and while another woman finished up in front of me, the checker looked at me, my belly, the bottle, my belly, and me. "Who are you buying that for?" she asked. Yep. She went there. Has she not read my blog?
"I'm buying it for me."
"Oh. But you can't have that, can you?"
"It's for pot roast," I smirked.
"You use that kind for pot roast?"
"Yes. Cooking wine is too vinegary for me."
The woman in front of me came to my defense. "Yes, but you can have wine if you're pregnant."
"I know," I announced, "I drink wine several times a week. And it's delicious." The checker was not happy with this.
She asked for my ID. "Pot roast, huh?"
I swiped my card and the bagger looked at me, my belly, the bottle, my belly, and me. "You can't drink this, can you?"he asked.
I paused, smiled, and looked him right in the eye. "I think I can do anything I want, actually."
He laughed, nervously.
"She says it's for a pot roast," the checker piped up again.
"Oh," he said.
"It is for a pot roast," I snapped, "but after this little exchange, I think I'm going to have a glass while I'm cooking. Hell, I might need to open it up in the car. Have a good day."
I didn't actually look back to see their reactions, but I hope they both passed out, or at least fell down.


  1. Honest to G-d... I just want to hit some people sometimes. A kid can go missing from the middle of a store or foster parents can starve kids but heaven forbid a woman over 21 buy a bottle of wine with a pregger belly. I think you are a rockstar for handling it that way! :)

  2. was that the same store as last time??? those are some opinionated checkers!