Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Waiting Room of Life

I've found myself in waiting rooms a lot lately. I usually bring a book or just check mail on my phone while I wait. If David is with me, he is typically doing the same.
It's an odd atmosphere, the waiting room. We all know why we're there. But no one speaks. If we were in line at the supermarket or waiting for our food in a restaurant lobby, we would probably chat with each other and discuss our purchases or other pleasantries. But it's rude to talk to someone else about their diagnosis or the reason for their visit. So no one says anything, to ensure the conversation doesn't accidentally bring up something too personal.
The exception to this rule is when you overhear a conversation between two people in the waiting room, simply because it's such a quiet environment. Occasionally, other patients won't adjust their volume according to the silence in the room, which gives you two options: engross yourself in reading, or act like you're engrossed in reading and listen to what they're talking about. I typically choose the latter. As I did last week.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Shirley: I just think you should consider it.
Pam: I considered it plenty. I don't have a problem with it if the guy isn't BIASED.
Shirley: Well, he's not going to be biased.
Pam: They all are. They all tell me that I'M the one that has to do the changing and he doesn't have to change ANYTHING.
Shirley: Well, have you mentioned it to him?
Pam: No! I just walked out. I'm not going back there. I'm not the one who needs to change.
Shirley: Yeah, I know, it's both of you.
Pam: But it's mostly him and I'm not going to another one until we can be SURE that he's not BIASED.
Shirley: I don't think this one is.
Pam: In fact, I don't want to go if it's a man. I'd rather a woman at this point.
Shirley: Well, I only know the one and he's a man.
Pam: Then he's BIASED.
Shirley: I don't think he is. I think he points out things to both of you.
Pam: I'll go. I will go see him. If he's not BIASED.
Shirley: I think I already know what he's going to tell you, though.
Pam: What? That it's my problem?
Shirley: No, no. Not at all.
Pam: Oh, oh I know.
Shirley: Yeah?
Pam: Is it the medicine thing?
Shirley: You just need to take it regularly.
Pam: Mmmhm, I know.
Shirley: If you had diabetes, you would take your medication everyday.
Pam: Oh. Wait, you're talking about the bi-polar thing?
Shirley: Yes.
Pam: Oh. Yeah. I know.
Shirley: That is what he's going to tell you first.
Pam: Just as long as he's not BIASED.
Shirley: And the kids need to take the medicine, too.
Pam: They DO. Tyler's ADHD hasn't been so bad this year. Speaking of which I need to call to make sure they're up.
Shirley: Oh me too.
Pam: (on phone) Tyler? You up?
Shirley: (on phone) Lemme talk to Hunter.
Pam: Tyler get your butt out of bed.
Shirley: Hunter, don't make me come home and show you how to get ready like a baby.
Pam: You are gonna be LATE. Now MOVE.
Shirley: Put your dad on the phone. Where? Then get out of bed. NOW.
Pam: Bye.
Shirley: Bye.
Pam: Ridiculous.
Shirley: I can't wait for our vacation.

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