Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Flash

Lights go out in our house around 10pm. Sometimes we watch TV or read our books before actually going to sleep, but last night we were both exhausted. Lights out meant lights out.

I was moments from drifting off into a beautiful slumber when I thought I saw something from behind my heavy lids.
I peered open through a tiny crack to see if I could figure out what piece of electronic equipment I forgot to turn off. I didn't see anything so I shut my eyes.
Again? This time I opened my eyes for a few seconds and rolled over to see if my alarm clock was malfunctioning or if my computer was trying to communicate with me. Nothing. So tired, I closed my eyes again.
At this point I heard a siren in the distance. I opened my eyes and propped myself up on my arms. Obviously, I now assumed a murderer was positioned outside our bedroom window flashing a light at his partner hiding in the next yard. I waited and watched the window to see if he would be caught or if he would flash again. Maybe I could break his code.
That one was longer. He's probably getting ready to break in or run. That's the only thing a long flash could mean. I decided it was time to wake Dave.
"Babe?" I whispered.
"Yeah?" he moaned.
"Babe, do you see that flashing light?"
"Where?" he asked.
"Outside. Watch the window."
We sat in silence for several seconds. I started to get nervous that the murderer had already moved to the front of the house to gain entry and trap us inside. Finally...
"Yeah, babe. I saw it."
"What is it?!?!"
"You don't think it's a killer outside our window giving the high sign?"
Dave turned on the television, making my eyes scream and run back into my skull. As I peered at the screen, he pulled up the weather channel and showed me the lightening strikes all over the map. Then he muted the television.
"Listen. You hear that?"
I listened.
"Thunder babe. It's thunder and lightening, that's all," he said heavily.
He turned off the television and rolled over to go back to sleep. I still sat up, eyes wide open, watching the flashing. I guess he's right. Lightening. Still...
"I hope you don't get murdered tonight, babe. You would feel super bad if you did."

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