Saturday, September 25, 2010


People say babies can only communicate by crying; that's why it's so important to respond to a baby's cries as immediately as possible. Today, however, my baby wouldn't stop crying all afternoon. I fed him, I rocked him, I changed him, I even gave him a new outfit. We got in the car, the swing, mommy's chest, daddy's chest, the vibrating chair, the glider...nothing was calming him down. So finally, after one last attempt to lay down with him, I sat straight up and sat him straight up in front of me. I looked him right in the eye and asked, "Abraham? What is wrong with you?"
At that very moment, my son pooped a poop so big that it came out of every single side of his diaper, through his onesie, and through his blanket.

Mmhmm. Tell me babies only communicate through crying. Mine talks using poop sounds. He's asleep now.

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  1. i believe some would call that "Elimination Communication"! Poor little guy! i hope his belly issues get better so that you can all get some sleep!!