Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Someone suggested I name my insulin pen Clyde, a suitable partner for Bonnie. I like this. They're both a little bit evil, but they work together as such a good team. Inseparable, really.
I set up a pretty glass jar with all my needles and lancets and alcohol swabs next to my bed so that at least when it's time for Bonnie and Clyde to go to work, it seems like a sweet, pretty job. "Oooh! Good morning, Bonnie and Clyde! Look at the sun bouncing off your beautiful little jar." Honestly, Clyde doesn't hurt at all. He goes right into the side of my belly quietly and quickly. And he seems to be helping a little bit. My Bonnie Numbers have been fairly even over the past few days.
My fingers, on the other hand...Bonnie has mangled my fingers. Four pricks a day and sometimes I forget which finger I last used. They're starting to get sore and covered in little red dots. I need a better system. And a manicure.

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