Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life's Little Auditions

Today I auditioned for something for the first time in almost 5 years. As soon as I finished, I knew that everyone in the room was very satisfied with my audition and might very well have booked me on the spot...if it weren't for my scheduling conflict with some of the shooting dates. The folks in the room quickly began bargaining with each other.
"Well, we might not even shoot on that Thursday."
"Yeah, and if we do, I bet it will be a half day."
"But a schedule is a schedule and we can't bend the rules."
"If we shoot for three days, it could be the following week."
"We don't have the schedule set yet."
"We need people who are available on all of the days."
All this conversation flashed back and forth across the room while I stood in the middle, smiling, and holding my number (27). I began to think, in the moment I stood there, about how I might have reacted 5 years ago. I would have announced, "I'll give up prior commitments!" I would have lied and said it was no problem. I would have chuckled nervously. And by the end I would have walked away thinking, "Oh God, I wonder if I got it!" But today, I just stood and smiled and waited for the other people in the room to figure it out.
And here I sit, feeling so proud of the fact that I totally nailed my first audition. Evolution is the best.


  1. Very nice, Erin. I have been having those same realizations with my auditions. 5 years ago it was knock down, drag out, I would do anything for any part but major self doubt... did I nail it? Did they like me?

    But these days I blow into an audition with confidence and know another one will roll around. It's nice to not have my life depend on that one job.

    Break a leg, Merde on all your auditions. I know you have many more to come. You always knew how to nail the first impression! :)