Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wanna Do Some Good?

There are a million places to put your money. 

I'm putting mine on the Do Good Bus.

The Do Good Bus is an opportunity to get involved and help your community. Just get on the bus and we do the rest. Each trip is different and the locations are a secret. You never know where you’ll end up and what you might end up doing. You will be wined and dined while on the bus and learn about causes in your neighborhood. If you have always wanted to get involved, volunteer or help others but didn’t know how, hop on the Do Good Bus!

They're partnering with Foster the People to do more than just tour around the country taking up space. They're making changes everywhere they can. Good changes that folks of our generation rarely take the time to think about (like planting a garden in the middle of an exit ramp...I did that once.)

And if you have a few minutes, get inspired and watch Rebecca (The Do-Gooder) talk about how important this is to her personally.

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  1. You're awesome lady. Thank you for posting.